The primary goal of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to pet owners whose pet has a life threatening condition, and with medical care have a chance to return to normal function.   The foundation will work with the pet owner’s local veterinarian.  The foundation is committed to the future health of the pet by purchasing a health insurance policy for the pet owner for 1 year following the date of treatment when it is available.  The owner is strongly urged to continue to renew the policy upon the expiration date.  With the research of applicants being an integral component of the process, some of the approval guidelines include:  1. Proof of need (as determined by CF) 2.  Proof of residency in Miami-Dade for at least 1 year.  3.  A Life threatening Condition that is medically established.  4.  A Complete application from both the owner and the Veterinarian.  5.  Medical records provided by the Veterinarian.  6. Pet must currently be under the care of a veterinarian in Miami-Dade County who holds a valid and active Florida License with the DBPR.  7. Owner must be willing and able to perform all follow up care deemed necessary by their veterinarian.   Applicants who have available credit established or other sources of assistance will not be approved. 

Another goal of the Foundation is to install at Dog Parks and city parks alike pet memorial sidewalks throughout the county.  Currently, Miami-Dade residents have nowhere to memorialize their beloved friends and family members who pass.  What better place than the parks we frequent where a child can return as an adult and still see the memory of his beloved childhood pet?  What better way to personalize our City; our home?  The circle of life continues when this brick that was purchased to memorialize their pet and helps save the life of another pet who would not otherwise have an opportunity. 

We feel that the brick sidewalks will bond the residents of a City with their dog park and give them pride and ownership of their Park.  All the while, the profits generated from the sidewalk will go to helping animals in need in Dade County. 

The Foundation is also dedicated to providing Seeing Eye dogs to those in need.   We would cover the costs associated with training an owner and a dog for that purpose.  In special circumstances, we would also cover transportation and lodging to send the individual to a training facility.   Further, the foundation will provide medical care to Seeing Eye dogs if the owner is in need of financial assistance. 

Currently we are in discussions with the City of Doral and the City of Coconut Grove and hope to obtain their permission in the establishment of a memorial sidewalk in their parks.  Any support would be greatly appreciated.